• Jahrgang 1981, Nürtingen
  • Studium an der Universität Tübingen
  • Erstes juristisches Staatsexamen 2007
  • Referendariat am Landgericht Stuttgart
  • Zweites juristisches Staatsexamen 2009 (Platzziffer 4 von 530, Landesliste Baden-Württemberg)
  • Akademischer Mitarbeiter an der Universität Tübingen (Lehrstuhl Professor Dr. Thomas Finkenauer) 2009 - 2012
  • Promotion 2013
  • Rechtsanwalt seit 2012


  • Die Forderungsabhängigkeit der Sicherungsgrundschuld, Duncker & Humblot 2014

Legal areas

We advise companies in a focused way on all aspects of Labor Law, both in the area of individual Labor Law and collective Labor Law. We support clients in dealing with works committees and employees, both in the drafting of employment contracts, sales agreements, and severance agreements. We also advise on the preparation of employment termination and lead dismissal protection processes.

In addition, we also provide Employment Law advice in transactional matters. We also represent our clients in conciliation negotiations with the works committees (particularly “Sozialplan”), collective bargaining on salaries, etc.

We also represent directors, managers, and senior staff in all Labor Law issues.

We provide comprehensive advice on the CISG, the Law on Commercial Agents, the Law on Commercial Trading, as in the Law on Freight Forwarding and Transportation, as well as in the design of contracts between enterprises, supply relations, framework agreements, and sales structures of various kinds, as well as on law enforcement.

We advise both in the design of customized notarial deeds and contracts as well as in complex real estate transactions. We represent our clients both in court and out of court.

We provide comprehensive advice in the design of wills, and inheritance contracts in the field of corporate succession.

Here, we always keep the implications of Corporate Law, Tax Law, and Marriage Law in mind.

We furthermore support our clients particularly in the assertion of, and defense against, legal inheritance claims, legal partially residual inheritance claims, and supplementary legal claims and comprehensively in the context of the discussion of community heritage. We are both very formative and active in leading various processes.

We advise on all aspects of the law on commercial leases such as the drafting and negotiating and the settlement of leases up to law enforcement. In addition, we constantly advise in commercial tenancy issues related to real estate and corporate transactions and related projects in the energy sector.

In all fields of commercial leases, we represent our clients both in court and out of court.


Representation and advice in German and English.